Why Sell With Us

GREIG HISTORY. How it all began…

David Greig has a very close and personal history with Sylvania Waters. It was actually his grandfather, developer James Goyen, who after acquiring the land in 1959 proceeded to build the privately owned water way.

The first blocks of land were sold in 1961 by James’ local agent of choice, John Greig. After 10 years of selling, and a result of John’s passion for real estate, in 1972 John Greig Real Estate opened its doors, successfully selling the majority of the remaining real estate in the Sylvania Waters waterway.

John’s passion for real estate was passed onto his son David, and in 1992, David joined his father at the now prestigious, John Greig Real Estate, and has been selling real estate ever since.

Driven by the legacy of his family and his sheer love and unrivalled talent for selling property, David has now proudly opened his own real estate agency, Greig Property. It is no coincidence that David’s choice of location for his new agency, is in the very same block of Sylvania Waters shops that John Greig Real Estate started.

Backed by 30 years of experience in the local real estate market, David Greig is the trusted choice. By his own admission ‘It’s great to be home’.